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A comprehensive guide pertaining to how to use dry shampoo in 5 simple steps!

Dry shampoo is basically a shampoo in the form of powder or dry spray that doesn’t require water. You don’t need to wash your hair. It is an effective way to cleanse your scalp and to sort out your hair. But you can always go wrong with how to use dry shampoo.

=> Here is a list of some of the best dry shampoos available!

Like most hair-care products, you can get amazing results with a dry shampoo or you may be very disappointed. It all depends on which dry shampoo you use, how you use it and when. It is not recommended that you shun the traditional shampoo and only use dry shampoo. You should use it sparingly. You must also buy the best quality dry shampoos and conditioners. It is not necessary that you use a dry conditioner after using a dry shampoo but it is advisable.

Here is a comprehensive guide pertaining to how to use dry shampoo:

Step #1:

First, you should prepare your hair. Get rid of all the bands, clips and pins. If your hair is tangled or messed up, then you may want to comb your hair to sort that out. Wear a bathrobe. You may choose the bathtub, the dry clearing of your bathroom or you may stand at the washbasin to dry shampoo your hair. Make sure the place is easy to clean because dry shampoo will make the place a tad dirty, more so if you are using it in the powder form.

Step #2:

Take the dry shampoo that you have chosen and apply it to your hair. If you have chosen a powder dry shampoo then sprinkle a bit of it on top of your head. Do not sprinkle it on your hair. The focus should be the roots and the parts of your head that are the oiliest or most clogged with dirt and dandruff.

If you have chosen a spray form dry shampoo, then hold it about six inches to eight inches away from your head and spray it uniformly on your head. Again, don’t spray it on your hair. For aerosol based spray dry shampoo, place it about a foot away from the roots of your hair. Else, the spray wouldn’t be uniformly spread on your scalp.

Step #3:

Allow the powder or the spray to settle for a few minutes. You can use your fingers to gently massage the roots of your hair so the powder or the spray dry shampoo settles down quickly. Allow a couple of minutes for the dry shampoo to work its magic. It will extract the oil from the scalp and will work on the dirt and dandruff.

Gently massage your scalp and if you want you can use a comb to do this as well. If you want to spray dry shampoo to your hair so you can get rid of the frizz or if you want to use the powder at the tips so you can have a more splendorous appearance then do so carefully. Don’t waste the powder or the spray. Use sparingly and then spread it across the hair.

Step #4:

As the spray or powder settles down, comb your hair with a slim brush so you can volumize. You may want to use a dryer to blow some air at very low heat to make your hair look lustrous. You should follow this with gentle touchups of the hair and the scalp so you get softer hair.

Step #5:

If you are using a dry shampoo conditioner, then hold it at a similar distance as the dry shampoo and spray it on your hair. Focus on the middle of your hair to the tips. Do not spray the conditioner on your scalp or roots. They don’t need the dry shampoo conditioner.


Do not use dry shampoo endlessly and every day. Ideally, you should use it after workouts, before going out for a night out, after a long flight or whenever your hair needs to look at its best but you don’t have time for a shower. Shunning the traditional shampoo entirely is not recommended.

Always choose a dry shampoo considering the type of hair you have, its color and the existing problems you have with your hair. Just like normal shampoos, dry shampoos too have their unique selling points. Some are good for healthy hair, some are good for oily hair while some can help in repairing damaged hair or split ends. You must choose what works for you and don’t purchase any brand that you haven’t heard of or know very little about.

A List Of The Best Dry Shampoos

Some of the most popular sulfate free dry shampoos selling on Amazon are:

How to use dry shampoo
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