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A Few Important Facts You Need To Know About!

Are you familiar with the history of shampoo? Long before shampoo, there was only bar soap that people used to wash their hair and body.

Bar soap was made from ingredients that irritated the scalp and did not do much for the look of the hair. The first cleaning liquid for the hair arrived in the early 1930´s. It was a synthetic blend of different ingredients that was not much better for the hair than the bar soap.

The first PH-balanced hair shampoo was created in 1936 by Dr. John Breck. By the 1960´s and over 1,000+ improvements, the modern shampoo was born.

A normal hair shampoo contains lots of different ingredients. The main ingredient is of course water. Chemicals (such as sulfates) and surfactants are then added. The chemicals makes the shampoo lather and cleans your hair. Chemicals have also other functions such as removing excess oils from hair.

Shampoo Science 

Since the 1960´s when Dr. John Breck discovered what shampoo should be, there has been a lot of science dedicated to making better shampoos and hair care products. Making a commercial shampoo is a very precise science that looks at many different things, such as the composition of the hair and the chemical reaction of the hair shaft to different chemicals.

The Use Of Essential Oils

The history of shampoo is quite long. Believe it or not, people kept their hair and scalp clean even before bar soap and shampoo was invented. Essential oils was used to clean their hair. Cleaning the hair using only essential oils without a surfuctant meant that the hair remained greasy.

Modern Shampoo Options

Traditional shampoos have always been created with formulas that contain chemicals. Until the last decade, no one was really concerned about what these chemicals can do to our health and the environment. There has been some indication that chemicals normally used in shampoos can cause serious side effects over time.

Today, people are choosing shampoos that are made with natural ingredients. Organic shampoos that are made with raw ingredients and contain essential oils are very popular. There are lots of different options available on the market these days. Today people are moving back toward formulas that are all natural and that depend heavily on essential oils and other things found in nature  to get their hair sparkling clean and healthy to avoid exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. 

Where To Find The Best Organic Shampoos?

If you do a search on Google for "best organic shampoo", you will get thousands of results. You can find some really great products on big online retailers such as Amazon.com

However, there are smaller shampoo companies available that has specialized in organic shampoos, high quality products that are made from raw ingredients, like for instance:

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