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What are parabens in shampoo? Should you be worried about Parabens in shampoo?  Read this article now to learn more.

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We are surrounded by exposure to chemicals everyday. It can be virtually impossible to avoid them all. Beauty products have come a long way away from the “more chemicals the better” model thanks to consumer demand but they still have a ways to go. 

Parabens are chemicals that are used for two reasons. They are used as a preservative and they are used to marry two chemicals together.  They are often used in shampoos to extend the shelf life of the shampoo and to help mix the ingredients in the shampoo. 

You may read these names on your shampoo label;

  • butylparaben

  • methylparaben 

  • and propylparaben  

because they are the most commonly used parabens. These chemicals have been used in beauty and hygiene products since the 1950's. So what´s the problem?

Estrogen Link 

There are a couple of problems with Parabens that were not really discovered until the 1990's. The first is the most interesting. These chemicals in the Paraben family are processed by the body as if they were estrogen. They are considered xeonestrogen. 

Estrogen disruption of the natural process in the body have been linked to breast cancer. As a matter of fact a study in 2004 done in the UK found that Parabens were actually present in a breast cancer tumor. In lay terms there has been a link between Parabens and breast cancer that has been taken very seriously. 

A call has gone out worldwide to reduce the level of Parabens in all beauty products. There are some critics of the study that contend the study was not done accurately because healthy breast tissue was not tested to see if there were Parabens present in the healthy breast tissue however there was Parabens present in the breast cancer tumor which is something to consider. 

Some medical professionals argue that the World Health Organization and the United States Food and Drug Administration both state that parabens used in small doses is completely safe. The study still stands so regardless of what either organization has to say about Parabens the fact remains that they are known carcinogens. They also trick your body into thinking that they are estrogen which upsets the natural order of things in your body. 

Rashes and Other Skin Irritations 

If you find yourself breaking out in a rash or just generally suffering from skin irritation you may want to consider switching to a Paraben free shampoo. It is well documented that parabens are skin irritants. People with sensitive skin should be using a Paraben free shampoo. If you have unexplained hair loss the Parabens may be at fault. If you develop a reaction to the chemicals in your shampoo hair loss is very possible.

Early Onset Puberty 

There is some indication that Parabens can actually trigger early onset puberty because of the xenoestrogen effect it has on the body. Several studies that looked at the early maturation of children have concluded that Paraben may be one of the triggers after years of continued exposure. 

Bad Hair Day? 

Paraben has also been linked to actually causing dry, dull, frizzy and brittle hair because it can tear apart the cuticle covering the hair shaft. So the shampoo that you have been using that is supposed to get your hair shiny clean is actually working against you! One too many bad hair days may mean that you should switch to shampoo that is Paraben free. 

Better Options 

While there is quite a bit of hype about whether Parabens in shampoo is a health risk factor as the debate rings on you have to ask yourself is it really worth the risk? The goal is to have clean healthy hair, not to expose yourself and your family to chemicals that may or may not cause you harm. It is after all hair we are talking about here.

Why would you want to take the risk? While the scientist hammer out their theories it is probably best to opt for a Paraben free product just to stay on the safe side of things.

Paraben has no benefit to your hair. It is not a chemical that you will miss. The only benefit it has is to keep shampoo active longer on the shelf. The benefit is to the shampoo manufacturer not to the consumer. 

Exposing yourself and your family to chemicals that can potential cause something as severe as breast cancer or even a rash. There are better options that are chemical free that you do not have to worry about. 

Better options will give you the same results without the threat of serious disease. Parabens in shampoo may turn out to be “no big deal” but while the jury is out and you do have other choices you are better off making one of the other choices! 

Parabens in shampoo
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