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Regenepure DR Shampoo product review


Product Review

No one wants to lose their hair. As a result, many people are willing to try proven and unproven techniques to stop the process.

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If you naturally have thin hair, have a condition, or have a hereditary inclination towards hair loss, then it is best to begin addressing the problem as soon as possible.

This is where Regenepure DR Hair Loss Shampoo comes in. Following the trend of shampoos marketed towards hair loss, Regenpure combines a number of different ingredients designed to both act as a shampoo and also facilitate new hair growth. Lets take a moment to review this product and see what people have to say about it.

A Description of Regenpure DR Hair Loss Shampoo

As frequently advertised, Regenpure contains 1% ketoconazole. This is known to stop the DHT buildup that occurs in the scalp. In addition to helping reduce dandruff, the 1% ketoconazole helps to stimulate hair growth. Regenpure is also advertised as sulfate free, as well as free of SLS and chemical parabens.

The company continues to boast that it will help your hair become thicker and more durable. Regardless of sex, Regenpure advertises that it will be able to help stop your hair loss.

Review of Regenpure

At around $2.31 an ounce, Regenpure is above the price seen in typical shampoos but below the cost seen in highly specialized shampoos. While the ingredient list is a big draw for this product, it also comes with a legal disclaimer saying that the ingredients listed on the bottle may change depending on who is manufacturing it.

While this doesn’t make a difference when you are buying it from the store (where you can check the label directly,) it may make a difference if you are purchasing online.

Based on customer experience, Regenpure works as advertised. Along with providing thicker hair, it has worked for many to stimulate hair growth as well as decrease dandruff. For those dealing with medical conditions, Regenpure has been proven to help slow the thinning and loss of hair.

It should be noted that a couple people have had no luck with Regenpure. Reports are that the product did not deliver as intended.

Given the frequency of these reports, there is a chance that it is a matter of physiology more then the product not working. Either way, if you worry about hair loss and hair thinning, then give Regenpure a try.

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